Royal India expedition

Royal India expedition

Royal India expedition

About Us

Royal India Expedition is registered with tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir Based in Srinagar as one of the leading Travel Company in J&K,India. We are friendly and energetic destination Management Company,emphasizing innovation and quality service. Our Company is established in 1820 as an incoming Travel Company in Jammu & Kashmir were working on the name of The Shelter Group of Houseboat, Later it is famous by Royal India Expedition since 1988. The famous name was a choice given by Michel Gilbert from France. His choice was based on real Nature, Leisure and Adventure tours.

We are offering alltypes of Travel Services and Tour information’s. We can arrange tour packagesfor travelers as per their choice.We can make tailor Made Travel Itineraries.

Our staff is well qualified and professional in Travel Trade.  Our Company is offering you different Tours asmentioned below:


  1. Leisure Tours

  2. Student Tours

  3. Temple Tours

  4. Pilgrimage Tours

  5. Group Tours

  6. Honeymoon Tours

  7. Family Tours

  8. Sole Traveling Tours

  9. Adventure Tours

  10. Water Cruise by (Shikara)

  11. Group Conference Tours

  12. Royal Bike Tours

  13. Royal Cycling Tours

  14. Royal Jeep Safari Tours

  15. Car Rental Service

  16. Bus Tours

Business with our company because

  • Our quotes/prices are very competitive.

  • Our programmes are designed to enrich your entire experience.

  • Our company strives hard to get you back within 24 Hours withanswer to your quires.

  • We handle all category tours i.e. budget, moderate & Luxury.

  • We also have Own Group of Deluxe Houseboats (The Shelter Group of Houseboats).

  • We Have Own Fleet of Luxury Car, Couch's & Mini Bus.

  • We make the most creative tailor made Holidays.

  • Our Staff are very talented and expert in toiler made itinerary.

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